Friday, June 11, 2010

PlayStation 3 Games: Non stop Action and Adventure

Hey!! If you love non-stop fantasy, adventure and magic, then video game is just for you. Video game has become more than a fad, now it is a part of life. These days, market is flooded with many video game consoles and PlayStation 3 is one of the most popular gaming console among them.

PlayStation 3 was launched by Sony and offers owners with amazing gaming options, music, high-definition blue-ray DVDs and much more. Sony PlayStation 3 is more than just a gaming console. This gadget provides all kinds of digital entertainment and is basically a home entertainment computer.

Fallout 3
Fallout 3:

Jewel of Wastes. For 200 years, Vault 101 has faithfully served surviving residents of Washington DC and its environs, now known as Capital Wasteland. Though global atomic war of 2077 left US all but destroyed, residents of Vault 101 enjoy a life free from constant stress of outside world. Giant Insects, Raiders, Slavers, and yes, even Super Mutants are all no match for superior Vault-Tec engineering.

Have a look at some more info about this game:-

Limitless Freedom! – Take in sights and sounds of vast Capital Wasteland! See great monuments of United States lying in post-apocalyptic ruin! You make choices that define you and change world. Just keep an eye on your Rad Meter!

Experience S.P.E.C.I.A.L.! – Vault-Tec engineers bring you latest in human ability simulation – SPECIAL Character System! Utilizing new breakthroughs in points-based ability representation, SPECIAL affords unlimited customization of your character. Also included are dozens of unique skills and perks to choose from, each with a dazzling variety of effects!

Blast ‘Em Away With V.A.T.S.! –Even odds in combat with Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System for your Pip-Boy Model 3000! V.A.T.S. allows you to pause time in combat, target specific body parts on your target, queue up attacks, and let Vault-Tec take out your aggression for you. Rain death and destruction in an all-new cinematic presentation featuring gory dismemberments and spectacular explosions.

Eye-Popping Prettiness! – Witness harsh realities of nuclear fallout rendered like never before in modern super-deluxe HD graphics. From barren Wasteland, to danger-filled offices and metro tunnels of DC, to hideous rotten flesh of a mutant’s face.

PlayStation 3 make a wonderful gift for kids on Christmas, Birthday or any other special occasion. No matter what age your child is, a Playstation 3 would be a gift that would thrill him/her. With help of this amazing gadget, you can play many games at your home. These days, finding PS3 games is very easy. Just go online and surf various online games stores. There are countless websites that provide PlayStation 3 games for everyone.

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