Thursday, April 01, 2010

Apple TV - Future of Television and Genesis of a New Entertainment Form

Time has finally arrived and now watch all favorite iTunes video downloads, along with personal photos stored on hard drive, on television set. Apple launched its incredible, latest, new "Apple TV". It's premises is simple yet extremely powerful, 7.7" x 7.7" around, height 1.1" and weighing 2.4 lbs. Apple TV is sleek, stylish, attractive and equipped with unimposing features and best home decor for any room in house.

With this new TV watch videos from your PC right on television set. HDMI port or component audio and video ports connects Apple TeleVision box and TV. One very nice feature of Apple TV is that it gets automatically updated whenever you add something new to your iTunes libary. It runs on Intel processor and equipped with built-in universal 48-watt power supply.

Apple TV
Enjoy music videos, TV shows, movies, previews, YouTube videos, photo galleries, iMovies, podcasts, all tracks, album cover art in your iTunes library, all through home theater system which is projected onto big-screen TV and broadcast through 5.1 digital surround sound speakers. Possibilities are unlimited, watch movies, music, TV shows, podcasts and more with just click of a remote. Not only this, transfer photos from iPhoto or Photoshop right to television screen for a fun and high-tech photograph slideshow.

TV watching was never so interesting so experience power and flexibility of AppleTV. Get your Apple TV from Apple store at very reasonable price $229.00 only. Don’t forget to use Apple coupons available at while shopping from this store.