Wednesday, February 03, 2010

iPad - Apple's Advanced and Revolutionary Tablet

Apple's iPadThe iPad is a portable entertainment system, touch screen device that revolutionize electronics industry. It is larger souped up version of iPod Touch. It is a multi-touch panel, with an added feature that lets it act as a new type of ebook reader. All of built-in apps on iPad were designed to take advantage of large Multi-Touch screen and they work in any orientation. The large Multi-Touch screen on iPad lets you see web pages with vibrant color and sharp text. iPad includes all of same features as in iPhone but in a larger form, video, YouTube, iPod and iTunes, interactive satellite maps, notepad, a calendar completely redesigned from ground up for iPad, contacts and spotlight search.

Mail application feature of iPad offers a landscape view with a split screen showing both current e-mail and unread messages in inbox. To view current e-mail message, turn iPad to portrait mode and message zooms to fill screen. iPad also work with popular e-mail providers such as mobile me, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Hotmail and AOL.

Apple has completely redesigned iWork productivity applications for iPad. Keynote includes custom graph styles, custom-designed themes, animations, effects and brand-new features designed just for iPad. Pages contains Apple-designed templates and formatting tools. Numbers gives over 250 formulas, flexible tables and sophisticated charts. iPad run almost 140,000 apps from App Store at their original size or twice size as on iPhone and fill iPad screen. Use all incredibly fun and useful apps, including everything from games to productivity apps.

iPad is just 0.5 inches in thinness and 1.5 pounds in weight. Flexibility of this new device is sure to make iPad popular among Internet marketers. A large, high-resolution, 9.7-inch LED-backlit IPS (in-plane switching) display on iPad is remarkably crisp and vivid. This feature makes it perfect for web browsing, watching movies, or viewing photos with brilliant picture and excellent color-contrast. Its powerful Apple-designed processor and thin, light-weighted feature makes it good enough to take anywhere.

Get the most advanced technology in a magical revolutionary device iPad at an unbelievable price starting from $499 at Apple store.