Sunday, January 03, 2010

LED Booklights - Portable and Handy Lighting Device

Book Lights are best for reading, writing, studying and traveling. A book light provide countless benefits, to both user as well as environment. It has become a "must have" accessory for every book lover. Most designs of book lights are portable, making them a great companion wherever its owner goes, and can perform multiple functions in addition to reading book. When not being used for reading, it can also be used as hobby and craft light, as convenient lighting for podiums, clipboards or while changing a tire. They can also be used as a Map light, Emergency light, or Night light. LED designs have become technology of choice for most book readers. Better diffusion lenses, stronger LEDs and creation of multiple LED heads have increased power and dispersion to a point.

2 LED Blue Spike Light Clip-On Booklight: Innovative Spike Light allows reader to read a book cover to cover without ever having to readjust light. The "spike" is inserted over book's spine to anchor light. Flexible neck holds book light head with two bright LEDs in place over page. Lightweight and sturdy, this book light is a must for all travelers and readers on-the-go. Requires 1 AAA battery (included).

Original price of Blue Spike Light Clip-On Booklight at Barnes and Noble is $14.95 but now you can have it for $13.45 only.
2 LED Blue Spike Light Clip-On Booklight
Itty Bitty Travel Booklight: What well-read traveler will be packing! Now original "itty bitty" booklight is available in a Travel Edition that you can easily pack and take along. Just clip it on to back of a hard or soft-cover book and cool brilliant light will illuminate your reading. Specially designed to travel, this battery-powered edition is lightweight and comes in its own sturdy, self-contained carrying case. The "itty bitty" Travel Edition lets you enjoy time between destinations, whether in a car, plane, or train. In your hotel room you can read without disturbing your bed partner.

Original price of Itty Bitty Travel Booklight at Barnes and Noble is $27.95 but now you can have it for $25.15 only.
Itty Bitty Travel Booklight
Folding LED Book Light in Silver: Clip compact Mighty Bright Folding Booklight to books and magazines or stand it on a desktop. Optical grade LumaLenz provides even illumination so there are no hot spots, while body swivels to cover a wide area. Plus, super LED light never needs replacing.

Original price of Folding LED Book Light at Barnes and Noble is $9.95 but now you can have it for $8.95 only.
Folding LED Book Light in Silver
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